Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Launching out !

Hi yall! I have been MIA, where do I begin, so much has happened? I took a solo five day road trip from NY to DC, afterwards Norfolk Virginia, and then Delaware. I saw the white house, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and above all else, I got the me time I needed.

The White House

MLKJ memorial

After that, I went to Jamaica, and I did an OBGYN Observership ( at a rural public hospital), in addition to that I attended the The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists conference (absolutely amazing-- learned so much and was inspired) bonded with family, ran three 5k's, one 2K and participated in a Boot-camp obstacle course. To say the least I have been busy. 
As you can see the drill sergeant wasn't letting up-- I needed help
I fell gracefully
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oh was I happy to observe
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ACOG certificate

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right before my run

I just recently moved out of NY (now it’s just me in a new city all by myself). I was accepted and will be attending a well-known, program in which I will be taking medical graduate classes. However, they have a strict privacy and social media clause/rules. So I will share more, at the appropriate time.  Just know I am working on becoming a Physician.

This summer I will be running a MCAT Biology series overview. I will cover topics that I found particularly difficult when I studied and also review topic's friends of mine had difficulty with. Correspondingly, I will list study materials (books, videos, etc....) that I found above all useful and essential to me grasping the subjects.
Disclaimer: I am open to discussion, and In fact; I encourage it. I am in no way an expert, and so I am able to take criticism/feedback. I truly believe that the more we help each other; the more disadvantaged students, like me (those who possess the potential but for whatever reason are not able to show their academic abilities) will succeed. I believe that I became a better student when I learned how to self-diagnosis my own academic issues. I can relate, I talk the talk. 

So I hope many will join me and will find these post useful.


  1. Keep it up Toni. I believe in you!

  2. It has been an honor an pleasure to watch you come up and out. So proud of you.

  3. Congrats on embarking on a new journey and Goodluck with your graduate coures work!

  4. Congrats and good luck to you! :) Take care doll!

  5. I liked the way you put together everything, there is certainly no need to go any further to look for any additional information. You mentioned each and everything that too with much of ease..



  6. How did the process go? Are you still applying to med school and studying?